Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Going to the 'Ship... Wah!

Well, that's right... We're going to the 'ship!  Wha!  We going to the ship! 
Haven't you seen Hardball?  If not, please watch it!  Great movie, but that's what they sing... and it means they are going to the Champion ship game! 

Mike's team - The Cathedral Chatard Park Tudor Hockey Club (combined 3 schools this year) - is going to the State Championship game this weekend!  Woot Woot! Can you tell I'm excited?  As you can see from the above picture, I do kinda have a kid on the team!

We are super excited!  Mike has been in the State Championship game with 'a' team 8 out of the last 9 years he's been coaching!  Can you believe that?!?  Woah.  Last year was the only time they didn't make it! He usually does good on his promise to get them there!  And I say 'a' team because he's coached the Arctic Blast, the Racers, the Jr. Ice, and Cathedral Chatard all since I met him 6 years ago... I'm probably missing someone in there too!

But here we are (again)!  The game is this Saturday and while they are playing their hearts out on one rink, I'll be teaching on the other... oh the life of a skating family! 

Just a big good luck to the CCPTHC this weekend!  The Kellermeyer's are wishing you the best!