Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Purchase for Jerry's Kids Party...TODAY!!
15% is being donated to MDA on Monday September 6th! 

Anyone who makes a purchase towards this event will be put in for a drawing of $30 gift card for Starbucks or Panera...WINNERS CHOICE!!!  AND for the hostess rewards!!!  :)
Go to:

  • Select "Can't Make the Trunk Show"

  • Type in Jerrys for the First Name

  • Type in Kids for the Last Name

  • And then get to shopping!

  • And email me when you make your purchase so I know who to enter in the drawing!
I'll make the call to the Labor Day Telethon on Monday Sept 6th!  I will say it's on behalf of all my customers!!!  :) 

Come on Guys!  Let's pull out those Ben Franklin's, Alexander Hamilton's, or even those Abe Lincoln's.  You know you want to help and wear something pretty too! It's for a GREAT cause! 

Or, if you want to host a show before then, contact me here. :)

Oh, and tell your friends...The more the merrier!  Or share this anywhere you can think of!  Lets RAISE A TON for Jerry's Kids!

-- Pancakes --

This is from Friday. 

Every Friday, Mike and I have breakfast together...  It's the only day that I don't have to get up before 5am. 

This time, it was pancakes!

Monday, August 30, 2010

-- Light Fights --

Do you ever fight over the most random things?  Or start a fight and by the time you are done, you don't remember what you are fighting about? 

Well, last night I did just that to Mike. 

We were both sitting in the office working on our computers and all of a sudden Mike pops up starts running and says I'm going to bed.  Well, I like to go to bed before him.  Why?  That will have to be saved for another day.  He also turns the lights off in rooms I'm using, like the office.  Nonetheless, we still have to make sure all the doors are locked, lights are off, dogs were let out, etc. 

So I asked him if he did these things?  <-- of course he didn't, but he always says one of two things.
1. Of Course
2. I think I did. 

I needed a drink of water.  Since the above mentioned "before bed" duties are usually his, I just asked him to go check and grab me some water.  Response -- I don't need any water.  Good night.  {Lays in bed, pulls the covers up, and invites Lex (our big dog) onto my spot on the bed}

So now I'm mad.  I walk downstairs to let the dogs out, get some water, make sure the garage door is shut, and turn the lights off.  None of the things he said were done were done.  Then who comes down the stairs?  You guessed it! 

He does this on purpose you know.  So now I'm mad.  I finish with everything downstairs, go upstairs to get my pajamas on.  Mike has hidden them.  Seriously?  Yes, Seriously. 


I stand up on the bed, and put my foot on his chest and say WHERE ARE MY PAJAMAS... 
I finally get them on and get into bed. 

This entire fight was basically over turning the lights off.  Both turning them off to stay off and turning them off on me when I need them. Turning the lights off.  Does this ever happen to anyone else or am I the only one who doesn't want to get up in the morning to all the lights on and doors unlocked when I was told it was taken care of. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Parking Garage

OK, so have you ever had trouble getting out of a parking garage?  Well, I have. 

Last week we went to Weber Grill downtown with Mike's parents.  I had to meet them there because I was giving lesson so Mike drove with his parents and I drove by myself.


I parked in a parking garage that I have parked in many times before, but this time I parked on the 5th level instead of the usual 2nd.  I've been parking in this garage since I was about 18 and driving to Pan Am to put skaters on for competition, but seriously I've never had to park above the 2nd level. 

So we finished dinner...which was REALLY good by the way...and then said our goodbyes, walked around for a bit, and then finally made it back to my car.  I was driving and Mike was in the passenger seat. 

Apparently the signs for getting out of the parking garage PAST THE 2ND LEVEL were not very clear.  Mike became a little angry with me because I kept making wrong turns... where it would say exit ->, I would go -> and then I'd be back on the 5th level.  Then I'd try it again, assuming I missed the exit...The first time I did...but after that, where it would say to exit, it would only go up so we went around again. 

It probably took us 20 minutes to get out the garage... 
My favorite part though was when Mike thought it was all me and I was doing it wrong (And I was), he tried to guide me and I was all for it because I totally wanted out of this large garage maze.  So he tried to tell me where to turn and which ways to go...and we still ended up going the wrong way. 

Finally with a bit of teamwork we turned out onto Illinois St.  THANK GOD!!! 

And we drove home.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Last night we went to the grocery store.

I probably should say that I went to the grocery store rather than we...

OR I should say I went with Mike and all his friends because he spent the entire time we were there with his phone stuck to his face! And to each one of them, he'd talk for like 5 minutes, look at me (giving him the evil grin), and then he'd say... "oh, we are grocery shopping let me call you back."

Then it would ring again...

This may as well be him in the picture.

Seriously Mike!

Then I even paid! I may as well have gone by myself.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes, Mike and I are still carpooling.  He gets up with me in the morning, I drive to work and then he usually goes and sleeps in the car somewhere for a little while before he starts his day. 

Today however, he sends me a text that states "I just had breakfast."  Well I'm thinking McDonalds or whatever. 

Apparently Mike today went to breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn's Continental Breakfast...

And read the USA today! 

Wow...what have I married!?!?  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carpool 2

This morning we are driving to work. 

Mike sleeps in the passenger side while I drive.  I started with NPR on the radio, but then quickly changed to a station that played music. 

Mike is snoring in the passengers side when Baby Go Back comes on the radio.  It actually was on once I switched the channel. 

SNORE... Baby Got Back. 
Little in the Middle... SNORE. 

How does he do that?! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Whistle

While carpooling home from skating last night...
Yes, it was my turn to be at the rink.  I swear between the 2 of us we are usually there every night of the week. 

Anyways, I'm not sure how it got in my car, but when we drove back from home last weekend, a whistle appeared in my console.  This is one heavy duty whistle, with hockey laces and everything so someone can hang it around their neck. 

But back to the ... While carpooling home from skating last night, I turn to look at Mike and he's doing this...

Then, he blew it!  I thought I was going to kill him.  Windows were up and he blew as hard as he could.  I think my ears are still ringing! 

I laughed.  Then I asked him NEVER to do that again!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This week Mike's car is in the shop. 
for two reasons...

1.  It will probably cost a fortune and it's really not worth much. 

I go to work at 6am, which means we have to leave around 5:30am. 
Mike usually goes to work around 8:30 (???) which means he gets up about 8:15am. 
Needless to say this is not fun!

This morning I asked him to get up 4x and he finally got up at 5:20 and said "Do we really have to leave in 10 minutes?"  To which I responded, "Yes.  Same time everyday!" 

This is basically what he looks like on the ride in, minus the
baldness and car seat.  And tight shirt. 
And then since he has Sirius Radio, he bitched about the radio the entire ride with fake laughs and the constant "I HOPE YOU KNOW, THIS SHOW ISN'T EVEN FUNNY."

I really hope is car is fixed soon.  We can't take this! 

Yesterday he took me to work, went to his own work, hung out at Starbucks until I was finished with my work, we then dropped him off at hockey practice, I went home, and then I picked him up after he was finished. 

I really hope it's fixed soon. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Miss Martha: -- Let's Help Jerry's Kids --

Little Miss Martha: -- Let's Help Jerry's Kids --: "The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon is one of television’s most enduring events. This outstanding entertainment spectacular with many of ..."

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have a sort of obsession with vintage signs.  I'd love to have this sign in our kitchen.

Or this one for our upstairs hall.

Or this one for the office.

So I've been thinking...do you think this one would fit somewhere in our House?!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mike's Fave

Mike has a few things that he LOVES... 

One of them is Bandidos. 

I'm really not sure what it is about this place, but he has to go there every time we are in town.  It's a Mexican restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN.  I know there is one in Muncie too. 

Last time we went, here is what happened... 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Moment

We have 2 dogs...

Lex and Louie

Sometimes they are the neediest dogs ever.  Lex thinks he's small so he jumps up in your lap and then looks awkwardly uncomfortable once he gets there...I think because he realizes he's too big to be doing that and then stays there anyways. 

I'll tell you about Lou some other time. 

The other day Lex and Mike were giving each other some lovin'.  Maybe Lex was giving more than Mike. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

King of Kong

I think it was last Thursday night... 
I came downstairs around 11 or so to see where Mike was.  Obviously it was bed time. 
There was this really strange movie on.  It was like they were in an arcade.  The only problem was that there as this one man, Steve, who wasn't so nerdy like the rest. 
Of course I sat down, intrigued by the huge glasses, cuffed jeans, and mullets.

The movie was called King of Kong - A Fist Full of Quarters... now a new favorite.
Long story short, Mike was watching a documentary on Donkey Kong and one particular battle to get the high score at Fun Spot and LIVE. 

Of course drama unfolds and the nerds are like a group of cool kids who don't want to let anyone in...  There are even referees to make sure everything is good and legal and no cheating is involved.  The refs are from Twin Galaxies.   It's really unbelievable. 


Mike loves this movie so much of that we showed it to our guest on Saturday night. 

"Possible Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested." 

I think it's Mike's new obsession.  Someday I'm sure we'll have an Old School Donkey Kong or Pac Man video arcade game in our garage so that Mike can go attempt to beat a high score at a Fun Spot Arcade and become a part of this random culture. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's Watch A Movie, Or Not

Saturday night we sat down to watch a movie.  I think we cleaned RedBox out.  We rented 3.  But, we had put "When in Rome" in the DVD player and were prepared to watch it. 

I think the movie was about 20 minutes in when this happened. 

Wait! Where did the TV go?!

Oh, there is it!  Mike's got it. 
On the floor.
Trying to fix the tilt. 
Really?!  Right now?! 

After about 40 minutes at least of trying to take off the stand and then put it back on so that the TV didn't lean again, we were back on track.  The TV was back in it's place.

But now we had a visitor.  :)

We finished the movie Sunday morning. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night I was too lazy to set up the coffee maker so I made Mike do it. 

I think that's why he wanted the Keurig, so he could make a good cup of coffee everyday.

But now we have a cuisinart regular coffee maker.

FAIL. (I still love you Mr. K)

Now sitting at work, drinking my coffee, I remember why I set the coffee maker and not Mike. 

Kellemeyer Chronicle #2