Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's Still Time

Little Miss Martha: -- There's Still Time --: "Not to worry, you aren’t too late. Sure, there’s still time. Ok but only a couple days! With our free upgrade to 2-day shipping, you can still suprise them with a beautiful gift..."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

-- Good Mooning --

We got a major snowstorm (major exaggeration) this past weekend and it actually was still snowing Monday morning when I left for San Diego.

Mike cleared off my car and even warmed it up for me as it had been sitting all weekend.  He loaded all my luggage and gave me a kiss goodbye.  Muah!

I called him as soon as I had left and driven down the alley because I forgot my wedding ring.  When I do the dishes I put it in a dish to the side of the sink so that it doesn't slip off my finger.  So I drove around front and then back down the alley so that he could bring it to me. 

Oh... he brought it to me. 
It was -4 degrees windchill, probably 12 degrees and snowing and here he comes...
Running out in a t-shirt and his underwear and his duck shoes... OMG!!!
I was laughing so hard!!! 
Then on the way back into the garage he mooned me. 

Anyone else have a husband that is this immature? 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tape It

Yesterday Mike and I went out shopping. 

We had a game plan. 

Sam's Club - no particular reason.  Mike wanted lunch.  Lunch = samples during lunch hours. 
Menard's - look at Christmas lights and get air filters. 
Stop by Grandparents - just to say hi.
The North Face - to look at gloves.
Dicks - to look at gloves.
Target - Grocery Shop and look at Christmas lights.

We left at 12 noon.  We had just gotten in from taking the dogs out in the snow - because they love it - and I'd defrosted Louie who had ice balls hanging from all over him. 

Mike usually takes his shoes downstairs with him to put them on.  Well today was no exception... but he had his MASSIVE boots.  He said they were necessary.  I though whatever.  But then he asked me... should I tuck my jeans into my boots or leave them out?  I thought this was an odd question...how often do you see MEN tuck their pants into their boots?  I said I don't care.  So then...he says well, my socks usually fall down so if I don't tuck my pants in, the boots will rub on my legs and that hurts.  I again said, I don't care and walked up the stairs. 

When I came down again, he had his hockey tape out and I was a bit confused. 
What are you doing? 
Taping my socks up.
Why?  Wait, what? 
Taping my socks up...
I thought the only place people taped their socks up was in hockey and soccer?
Do you know anyone else who does this? 

And here is what I'm talking about...

Yes, really. My husband taped his white socks up to prevent chaffing around the legs...  Wow.  I guess it works and is a creative way of using what you've got, but I mean seriously?

We returned at 5pm.  Ugh.  Long Day but no chaffing!