Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Week Old

Taking a page from John and Sherry over at Young House Love, I am taking a stab at weekly/monthly pictures of Ella on different fabrics.  They did this with their little Clara and they turned out too cute! 

Now I don't have a great camera, and the lighting in my house is kinda crapola, but I'm going to try. 

I had some leftover fabric from her sheets, cribskirt, and samples I'd ordered to see if we liked them.  I decided to start with an Ikat that we had. 

Here she is...

And instead of using Photoshop to edit the pictures since I haven't quite figured out my version, or if it's even capaple of doing these types of things... I decided to use Picnik which has apparently been absorbed by Google, but until it goes away, this will be what I use to edit my pictures. 

What do you think? 
I am hoping they will get better with time.

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